Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a couple of things

First of all I want to tell you there is a new leetman comic

and second, I added a button of firefox, I use it myself, because Internet explorer was full of bugs/leaks, and now there is IE7 and It is just like a rip off of Firefox, only firefox is still better, so If you want to give firefox a try, please do so through the button on my blog, since I also benefit of it that way, Thanks in advance!

And number three, Is there anything you would like to see on here more? I heard alot of good things about the pictures, do you want me to post more pictures that Ive made?
Or would you like more youtube movies? or anything else? please tell me in the comments!

Greets, Mark


Amanda said...

More pictures

Nicole said...

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. foto's ofzo.. Of toch filmpjes.. Of neee.. Nou het maakt me niet uit.. Maarja dat wist je al wel! Och, je weet wel wat ik bedoel.. Alleen 1 ding: Er mogen geen blikjes cola op!