Saturday, January 6, 2007

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...Well HELLO... I'm still feeling sick, I hate it! but well its weekend so its ok to stay in bed till 1 pm and be lazy all day, Wich I am !!! =)
I really want some erwtensoep (pea soup) right now, But even though I have the recipe It takes too long to make! Well, You are always free to invite me to your house when you made it!
the recipe is

2 liter hover for conversion water
500 gr hover for conversion split pea
2 potatoes
2 large onions
100 gr hover for conversion celery turnip
1 small winter carrot
1 leek
(celery) salt
2 pork chops
3-5 slices side porks

(rye bread)

Wash the split peas in a colander until the water remains clean.
Bring the water with the split peas to a boil. Dice potatoes, onions, celery turnip and winter carrot and slice the leek completely (keep white and green separate).
Add half of each vegetable and the green part of the leek . Flavour with salt. Turn the heat as low as possible or use a flame dispenser. Simmer over very low heat for at least 2 hours. Stir regularly.
Add the other half of the vegetables, the sliced pork chops and cubed side pork. See if you have to add (celery)salt and simmer for another hour .
Delicious served with rye bread which you can eat with the side pork ("Frysk roggebrea mei spek"). Frisian peasoup tastes even better the next day (or freeze the soup for later).
If made right, you can place a wooden spoon straight up in the soup pan without falling.
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Nicole said...

Je kunt morgen bij je thuis wel kippensoep krijgen :)

Erwtensoep.. das wel apart

Mark said...

Erwtensoep is de lekk0rste jeweeeet hahaha

Nicole said...

Whaha, waarom ga je eigenlijk niet voor de boerenkool van Harrie? WHAHA.. Goed dan..