Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stealing a bike

As always when I get bored, I look on youtube for funny movies.
Here is one of some guys stealing their own bike to see if anyone says anything about it.

Are those people just ignorant or scared or both?

Greets, Mark


Amanda said...

Omg, nobody is saying a thing and that last man is even helping him! Like wtf?!

Prodigity said...

Lol, I've lockpicked my bike several times because I didn't have my keys and nobody noticed I was hanging over my bike for like 10 mins XD

Nicole said...

Whaha, we hebben dit filmpje dinsdagaaf ff gekeken toen we bij Harrei zaten te wachten tot hij zijn aardappel had uitgepoept.. Was wel grappig, maar apart dat niemand wat doet ofzo.. Maarja, dat doen ze hier ook niet..