Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The new layout is here! =) thanks Amanda (dutch weblog). I also want to point out the firefox banner and the Google pack banner (at the left side).
Firefox is a good and mostly SAFE webbrowser,
a lot of tests show that firefox is a lot safer then Internet Explorer.

Google pack is A free collection of essential software!
It includes:
Google Earth - 3D Earth browser

* Zoom from space to street level — tour the world
* Find maps, driving directions, hotels, restaurants, and more

Picasa - Photo organizer

* Find, edit, and share your photos in seconds
* Easily remove red eye and fix photos

Google Pack Screensaver - Photo screensaver

* Enjoy photos from your personal collection
* View pictures full screen or as a collage

And more, but if you want only one or two items, that is possible
as well since you can choose wichh programmes you want to install.

I hope I have informed you enough :)
Greets, Mark


Nicole said...

Ik snappet heeeeelemaal.. Ik vind alles wel best. Maarja.. Puik!

Nicole said...

Nou, ik moet zeggen. Je hebt gelijk. Tis toch wel puik geworden, en ben er weer helemaal aan gewend! Toppie!