Wednesday, March 14, 2007


hey everybody, Today I got an email from Peter (Project Manager CRITEO) in wuch he asked me to try out this new site widget (an add-on for a website, look at the new thing at the bottom of the left side ), Ive put it on here now and I want to ask YOU to put in on you blog :)
It should work with any platform that lets you insert HTML code into the sidebar template.

here is a explanation from the Autoroll website:

AutoRoll only displays links to blogs that have also installed the widget. To increase the quality of the links, get the other blogs you enjoy to install AutoRoll. It might also be a good way to finally see if your friends' blogs are in your neighborhood!

ps. I'll upload some pictures I took this afternoon as soon as I uploaded them (I'll start after this post )

Greets, Mark

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Nicole said...

Uhm.. wat wilde ik ook weer zeggen.. Kwam iets tussendoor. Namelijk 'We live, we love, we forgive and never give up!' snappie? Nouja..

Oja, ik kijk wel even en dan hoor je het nog wel. En doe Mèèèèèèredith de groeten! ;)