Monday, January 22, 2007


Hey, I'm about to pull an all-nighter, why? because I want to, No particular reason!
I don't know if I'm gonna make it, not because of being TOO sleepy, but usually when I try this I get bored to death around 3am.

for you who DO want to sleep, or just like to relax, here is a cool site:
soundsleeping It has a flash animation thing on there in which you can choose your relaxation sounds, loudness and even left or right speaker!

Good night (for y'all)
EDIT: its 0:46 now, and I'm already friggin bored! I was watching live stream of "de gouden kooi" (a real life show of people in a house and stuff, but even they went to sleep, so no its boring again!
EDIT 2: Its 2:11 now, and the boredom is Extreme! there is nothing on the tv, nothing on the radio and I can get nooooo sleep! (well, I might just go lay in my bed and see what happens, this sux!
LAST EDIT, Its 3:04 and the boredom is SOOOOOO extreme, I just watched an hour long documentary about the forbidden city in china, and the only thing on tv now is sex-commercials and things Ive already seen 5 times, so I might go to sleep, and in 3 hours my alarm goes.. Next time I need someone who stays awake with me!


Amanda said...

Cool website and good luck on your all nighter! I won't joining you, cause I have two tests tomorrow! Wish me luck! XxX

Nicole said...

Whahaha, net als de vorige keer?
Heb je de potten koffie klaarstaan? Heeeeeeeeeel sterke koffie?! X

Nicole said...

Wahahha, ik had het toch gezegd.. :) Het gaat je niet lukken, en ik heb gewoon gelijk gekregen, haha!