Sunday, March 18, 2007

2000 unofficial uses for WD-40

I found this website with 2000 unofficial uses for WD-40.
I tried some of them, and a lot really work.
I also took some from that website that where pretty surprising to me!

170: Keeps kitty-doo from sticking to electric cat-box rakes.
201: Polishes silver jewelry.
247: Spray on bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging.
275: Spray on glass objects that are stuck together to separate without breaking.
400. Spray top of bird feeder to make squirrels slide off.
493: Spray on trees to prevent beavers from chewing on them.
501: Use a full can for a nifty paperweight.
545: Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes.
635: Cleans gummy buildup from steering wheels .
806: Cleans magazines for an AK-47.
827: Removes stickers from guitars.
1248: Removes tar from hands.


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